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Why the Tablet PC @ RPCS?

Eight years ago, Roland Park Country School made a commitment to integrate personal technology into the curriculum. Our vision of technology was, and continues to be, that technology should be seamlessly integrated into the curriculum appropriately. Beginning in 7th grade and continuing into Upper School, all RPCS students are required to have a laptop computer for their classes.  Our Strategic Plan, adopted in March 2003, mandates our continued integration of current technology into the curriculum. Four years ago we announced the next phase of our technology program: Tablet PC. We have chosen the Tablet PC for several reasons:



  • The Tablet PC is the most natural extension of the individual that we have experienced in technology in that one can write, draw and annotate by hand as well as type. This flexible functionality allows students of all learning styles to take full advantage of the benefits of technology. 

  • With the ability to write on the screen, faculty are able to convey or demonstrate difficult concepts graphically so as to better assist students in understanding those concepts.

  • When used in tablet mode, with the screen flat against the chassis, the barrier created between the student/teacher with standard laptops is removed. Electronic resources are still readily available without the barrier of a screen extending from a keyboard.

  • The software developed specifically for Tablets that allows students to use the stylus to annotate, draw and brainstorm, has created an environment of collaboration within the classroom that is educationally desirable.  Some RPCS faculty use Windows Journal and OneNote as digital notebooks within their curriculum, allowing students to organize all their class assignments and notes in one place.

  • The stylus gives students and faculty the ability to “ink” in standard Microsoft Office programs like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Faculty thus have the ability to grade assignments in a digital format, return the corrected assignment to students, and maintain a digital copy for themselves.

  • The Tablet PC is the computer the School envisioned when we began our program because it allows technology to be integrated into the curriculum in ways that are limited with a standard PC; this is especially true in Science and Mathematics.



Technology Department
Director of Information Technology
Phyllis Tripp
Network Administrator
Michael Henry
Technology Admininstrator
Coordinator/Support Specialist
Tori Murrill
Lower School Technology
Wendolyn Torres
MS Technology
Ethel Bouloubassis
Tyler Hale