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Power Point Presentations on China!



 Welcome! On this page you will find free powerpoints that you can use in your classroom about china. these powerpoints provide great visuals and can be modified to meet your needs. great for roots!;)

Click here to download three amazing powerpoint about ancient china. They are beautifully illustrated and are written in storybook format. the powerpoints are Warrior Wall(an ancient mongol folktale), the story of mulan and ancient chinese dragons(this power point teaches all about the different types of dragons that are used in chinese culture and why they are important)

For all other powerpoints see the chart below! enjoy!


Check out these PowerPoint presentations that you can use in your classroom! Just make sure you keep the author's name on the presentations. These power points have been downloaded from various sites on the Internet and are free to be used in your classrooms. They have been created by other teachers who have freely given permission for other teachers to download the presentations and use them for educational purposes. Save them on your computer and adjust the templates as needed.


***When you click on a presentation, click on save to save the file to your computer. It's better to save the file to your computer as the powerpoints may take a few minutes to open up. Plus, if you save the file, it will always be on your computer. ***

******If you experience any difficulty accessing any of the resources on my site, please don't hesitate to contact me so I can promptly fix them. My e-mail address is Thanks for checking out my site!******


 Name of powerpoint

Description of Power Point

 China festivals





This powerpoint is all about the festivals of China. Terrific pictures and visuals.


china festivals.ppt

China profile













This powerpoint gives some basic facts about China. This is good as an introductory activity.

 china profile.ppt


China Schools 



 This powerpoint describes schools in China in both rural and urban settings.



 China Tours









These powerpoints provide virtual tours of various aspects of Chinese culture.

China tours one has beautiful pictures of China and its landscape. Great visuals. This presentation contains all pictures and the names of the locations.


China tours two has even more beautiful pictures of China and its landscape!


China tours three has lots of pictures of The Great Wall.


China tours four has lots of pictures of Pandas in China. AWWWWWW!:)


China tours five has pictures of some of the major cities in China.


China tours six is all about Chinese Calligraphy, the modern government of China and some wonderful facts. Terrific pictures.



 China: What and How





These presentations explain different aspects of Chinese culture.

What and how 1 is about  Chinese characters as well as endangered species that are native to China.


What and how 2 talks about what life is like in China. This presentation focuses mostly on the lives of children in China.


What and how 3 is a nice picture gallery of everyday life in China.



China profile











This powerpoint is about Chinese dance. It talks about the four types of Chinese dances and includes nice pictures.



Chinese Writing 

This is a simple powerpoint that shows students how to write simple words in Chinese. 









This powerpoint teaches about the origins of the umbrella which was created in China. The presentation also talks about how the umbrella was used in Chinese culture.