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 3rd Grade Projects


Measurement Math Wrap!

The 3rd grade decided to incorporate many fun measurement activities into the curriculum  to reinforce the girls' understanding of linear measurement, using both the U.S. Customary System of Measurement and the Metric System. One of our favorite extension activities was "The Math Wrap". The girls were able to purchase an item/items totaling $1.00 or less at the school store. They took their wallet, a zip lock baggie in actuality, which held their worldly worth, a fake $5.00 bill, to the school store and the real world process of decision making began. Once a decision was made, they had to calculate the change due them and bring their purchase order to the cashier. Calculations were checked for accuracy, change given, ( fake, of course) and the shoppers returned to class to begin part two of the activity. The girls chose paper to wrap their purchases, cut pieces appropriate to the size of their items, and calculated both the perimeter and area of their wrapping paper. Math certainly abounds in the "real world"-subtraction, linear measurement, calculating perimeter using the operation of addition , and calculating area of a rectangle or square using the operation of multiplication and all under the heading of Shopping Fun!

Allan Gallon Constructions!

     The 3rd Grade was then onto a study of liquid capacity! They reviewed and studied the relationships between the units of liquid measurement used in the U.S. Customary System of Measurement. In an effort to reinforce the basic units of measure used and an understanding of conversions, the girls designed "puppet people" called Allan Gallon. They incorporated their creative individuality and interests to construct a paper figure that hi-lited the correct number of cups needed to make a pint, pints needed to  make a quart, and quarts needed to make a gallon.

 Area / Perimeter Constructions

        To reinforce and extend the understanding of area and perimeter, the girls are paired and given a "perimeter" in feet. Their challenge is to draw to scale two interesting figures with the given perimeter and  to calculate the area of each.  With colored tape in hand, they construct their figures onto the halls of the Lower School floor. Their figures and calculated results are autobiographical studies of their success!